About me

Hello and welcome to Julie on the Road, a personal travel & lifestyle blog of an avid wanderer and a hearty gourmand living in Philadelphia.

My name is Julie Wu. I’m a 20-some year-old girl with an iPhone in my hand and adventure in my heart.

Two years ago, I decided to finally cross-off the top of my dusty bucket list: taking a cross-country road trip across America. I had my dream, a budget, my newly acquired second-handed 17-55mm wide-angle lens (which later became irrelevant) and the birth of my epic hashtag: #julieontheroad.

There I was, 6 months into my first full-time job, nervously requesting all of my vacation days for that year having already actually purchased my rental SUV for the trip. And I never looked back. From the research, the logistics, the financials to making it happen — I loved every aspect of it. And I fell in love over and over again with each place I discovered along the way. Upon returning, I realized that I had a growing thirst for adventure that I didn’t have to wait to satiate.

Fast forward to now and several trips later, I am beginning this travel blog as a spirited place to document and share my adventures. I am neither a professional travel photographer nor a blogger by trade. In fact, I have a budget savings account with a regular 8-5 job and less than 15 days off a year. It was under these circumstances that I discovered my love for traveling, and I hope to share my stories and tips with wandering souls – and anyone who yearn to seek their own adventures.

I started #julieontheroad as a personal way to catalog my travel inspiration and stories. It was through navigating unfamiliar street signs that I found confidence to explore and through getting lost in the Scottish Highlands that I began to find myself. Now, I hope to share them and what I’ve learned along my journeys with you. To date, I’ve been lucky enough to travel to 11 countries and I know it’s only the beginning. By sharing my own unique (and oftentimes ambitious) travel itineraries, bucket-list experiences, destination guides, travel photography tips and endless adventures, I wish to inspire everyone to go out and explore this beautiful world we live in. I am living proof that you don’t to have a full-time career under your belt or an overflowing bank account in order to explore the world. A life of adventure is possible for anyone who is willing to chase after it.

For now, let’s talk where to begin.